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I totally agree that there's got to be something that we all must have in common to cause these rare issues..some kind of a metabolism issue or deficiency or autoimmune problem...I truly do because this does not make sense that a... READ COMMENT

I personally was injected around the crows feet and the forehead over 14 months ago. My eyes began swelling with bags almost immediately becoming Most severe at the one month mark. My Cheeks dropped, I have a crazy chipmunk smile and... READ COMMENT

I would advise against it as I went back ten months after a bad experience and had an even worse Experience with less Botox and avoiding under eye Area and different injector..that's just my experience...I never would have tried again... READ COMMENT

I had a similar experience however I still have eye bags and horrible heavy eye strain after a year but the wrinkles are back...awful!!' READ COMMENT

10 months and I swear they have been the worst 10 months of my life..not just because of what the botox did to my face but my self esteem and my emotional well being which carried over into everything.. READ COMMENT