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Overs or Unders? Don't Want to Be Big! Athletic Build

So I'm starting a review... I am a mom of 3 all getting big now. Nursed them all for at least 2 years each and loved every second of it. Actually hated weening them.. but it has to happen sometime! Not left with much up top after. Was always small chested anyways. (As I write this I'm feeling like cancelling the whole thing! My kids and our health are most important and I feel very selfish... READ MORE

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Somehow I missed this update! Looking sooo great! I just reread the sizes you got and I had not noticed the assemetry in you before pix! Once I saw the ccs you got I went back and looked and only noticed it because it was mentioned.... READ COMMENT

Yeah! So glad to hear you are doing well so far. Was thinking about ya this morning :) and wishing you well! READ COMMENT

I have pictures. Not fully settled. Shows 275 moderate plus over.. I know the implant size/projection is different than yours but height/weight is the same. READ COMMENT

I guess you may have some soreness where they reattach the muscle. I didn't think about that. But otherwise I think you'll do wonderful! :)) beat of luck and I'll keep an eye out! Remember good supportive bras too! To protect the... READ COMMENT

I can't imagine how it would be working out. That along with just how much my pecs moved doing everyday activities was my main motivator in going over. I just didn't want any distortion making it obvious or unnatural looking when I used... READ COMMENT