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Alarplasty - Bangkok, Thailand

My nose has been an issue for me for a while. I guess I'm just conscious of it, no one has ever given me reason to hate it, I just saw a few pictures of myself laughing and thought "WOW that's not ok"... I always thought it was too long and my nostrils were too big (I can probably fit 2 fingers in each nostril if I really wanted to). At the consultation, my doctor talked me out of having a... READ MORE

3 Rounds with Mike Tyson - Bangkok, Thailand

I've wanted this procedure done for SO LONG, I have hereditary puffy eye bags and after years of buying creams and using home remedies, I came to the realisation that nothing would fix it (its fat under the eyes, nothing but surgery WILL fix it!) So I booked a big surgery trip to Thailand, 3 surgeries in one (breast aug. and alarplasty). I will write more about the others later, I just want to... READ MORE

Breast Lift - Hello Thailand!

So my weight has gone up and down since i was in my early 20's, from 75kg down to 58kg's, up to 65kg and back down to 60kg aaaand my breasts hated me. They were S A G G Y. I'd always been intrigued by Thai cosmetic surgery and it's low low prices and i researched it till the cows came home till i decided this was the way to go. (If anyone wants any info about Thai surgery can... READ MORE

Botox: Cheapest in Adelaide AND Thailand

I've always wanted BOTOX and i waited for a while before i got it, i didn't really need it but at the age of 29 i find i have fine lines around my eyes and one in the middle of my forehead (between my eyes). I went to Thailand and got my breasts lifted and thought "what the heck?" and got BOTOX as an added extra. I had it done on my crows feet, the middle of my eyes and my... READ MORE

Restalyne Vs Juvaderm - Melbourne, Australia

So the first time i had a lip filler was not through this doctor but a nurse who did it privately through a beauty salon. She was wonderful and talked me through everything, she injected my mouth several times to numb my lips (the actual lip fillers HURT so this is necessary, if you're given the option, don't go without the numbers) then proceeded to put in the RESTALYNE. Even with the... READ MORE

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Dr Suthat at Yanhee in Bangkok READ COMMENT

Hey soze. $480 was just the nose, the eyes were just under $600. I STILL have a stitch in one nostril but it'll come out when it's good and ready. The other stitch came out about 2 weeks after surgery! The nostril with the stitch still... READ COMMENT

Airfare from Australia was $670, accommodation was about $20 a night, surgery and doc fees altogether wouldn't be more than $5,000? READ COMMENT

I used Kelo-cote, i got it on ebay when i got home. I would recommend that highly! It's so sticky but it's silicone based and they're the scar gels that WORK. I bought Mederma in a pharmacy over there because they said it was the best... READ COMMENT

HEY how did you go with the stitches? Mine stayed in a little too long (because my breast stitches needed to be in for longer than my eye stitches) so i have a small scar but i've been applying a silicone scar gel and it's faded really... READ COMMENT