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Is It Normal to Feel Seasick a Week After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty abroad and for a week afterwards I felt lightly seasick. I wasn't feeling nauseous and could perform normal activities (except for reading), however... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Swelling After a Rhinoplasty to Be Gone After One Month?

I had an open 1st time rhinoplasty 1 month ago;I had a very small hump on the bridge of my nose removed,my nose tip very slightly shortened + very slightly lifted.My nose was... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Squeeze Nose to Get Rid of Blackheads One Month After Rhinoplasty?

One month after my rhinoplasty I have been squeezing my nose to get rid of blackheads. I had a small hump shaved and the tip shortened and lifted. Can I have caused any... READ MORE

Can One Reshape Cartilage Simply by Squeezing It One Month Post Rhinoplasty?

1 month after my open rhinoplasty to very slightly shorten and very slightly lift the tip of my nose I couldn't stop myself from gently squeezing out the blackheads on the... READ MORE

Forgotten Suture Causing Displacement of Flesh in Nostril, Can Anything be Done?

I had a rhinoplasty 1 month ago,and a bit of the sutures that were removed 10 days after rhinoplasty was forgotten in my nostril.The suture was pulling some of the flesh right... READ MORE

Is Nine Days Too Late to Remove Sutures Under the Tip of Your Nose After Open Rhinoplasty?

When is it optimal to remove them in order to achieve the aesthetically best result? Thank you for taking your time! READ MORE

Bad Smell from Nose 2 Months After Rhinoplasty, What Can be Done?

I had an open rhinoplasty two months ago and have had a bad smell coming from my nose ever since. Why is that so? And what can be done about it? Thank you for your help! READ MORE