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Allthough I am not completely healed, I feel the same way. I feel like I'm back to being my old/new self. It is the best money that I have ever spent, except for my Enbrel which gave me my life back. I am so glad to have been born... READ COMMENT

I need to clarify on the brow lift that it was endoscopic. I had 4 small incisions (2 on top/1 on each side), so my recovery time is definitely going to be less than Gmom. I admit that I am not a very patient person - I don't know if... READ COMMENT

I am still in the middle of my recovery, which is going on 2 months but the bruising and swelling is mostly gone. My experience was very similar to yours, except that I am on Enbrel for RA which has slowed the healing somewhat. I had... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for the blow by blow. I am scheduled to have a full facelift on February 9th - very excited and a little nervous. Your account is just what I needed. After searching the web, I find very few individuals who thought... READ COMMENT