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How Long Will It Take for Swelling to Go and Eyelid to Close?

I had upper eyelid surgery 9 days ago. There is barely any bruising but there is a lot of swelling in the area between the eyelashes and the crease area. One eye, which also... READ MORE

Will the Swelling and Tightness Ever Go After Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I had upper eyelid surgery 9 days ago. There is significant swelling of the eyelids from the eyelashes to crease, which is a lot more in one eye, which also does not shut... READ MORE

What Should I Use when I Massage Upper Eyelid Scars Scars?

Hi, I had upper eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago. My doctor told me to massage the scars twice a day with Tobradex ointment or vitamin E as he said that I had some irregularity in... READ MORE

Feeling of Great Tightness Nearly 4 Weeks After Surgery, How Long Until It Loosens?

Hi, I had upper eyelid surgery nearly 4 weeks ago. One eye, which didn't shut completely after surgery, shut two weeks after, but I still have a feeling of great tightness... READ MORE

4 Weeks After Surgery My Eyes Look Large and Fake Which I Don't Like, Can Anything Be Done?

I had upper eyelid surgery 3.5 weeks ago. I feel suicidal. I haven't left the house since the surgery. My eyes look massive and fake even though I asked for natural look. I... READ MORE

What Do I Do with Scar Tissue Left After Overcorrected Eyelid Surgery?

I had upper eyelid surgery 2 months ago that was over aggressive. There was a breakdown of trust with my surgeon who says he can do nothing to help me. I live in a small... READ MORE

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Has anyone experienced uncomfortable tightness?

Hi everyone,   I had upper eyelid surgery three weeks ago. One eye feels nearly normal. The other eye, which still has more swelling, feels still very tight and unnatural.... READ MORE

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Hi everyone, I had my upper eyelid surgery done just over a year ago. My surgery was a nightmare because my eyes were so tight and I had problems not shutting etc. They also looked asymmetrical and just odd. I thought they would... READ COMMENT

Hi all, I had upper eyelid surgery in January 2012. There was a lot of swelling that didn't really bother me because I knew it would eventually go; however, my eye shape changed drastically. I looked like a freak, and even family... READ COMMENT

Hi. I am nearly 7 weeks post upper eyelid surgery. The swelling and bruising did not worry me in the least as I knew it would go. What is upsetting me is that my eyes have gone from being an almond shaped to round and also instead of... READ COMMENT

Yes, I had to pay a fee to see someone else, but it was money well spent. As for soften, my eyes look really tight and stretched and one looks smaller than the other. He said that as tissues soften, the eyes will look more natural but... READ COMMENT

Hi Tia dawn, I am going through what you are going through where the change in shape and tightness are concerned even though I went from almond to round and only had uppers done. Instead of worrying everyday about what will/will not... READ COMMENT