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Yup, my right side squeaked for about 2 weeks - so weird!!! My husband couldn't hear it though, it was just an odd sensation for me. It does go away. I remember my friend had it in the beginning too. READ COMMENT

You look great!!! Yay hooray!!! It's so nice to have it done with right?!?! Glad you're recovering well, you seem to be in high spirits, it only gets better. I'm 3 weeks today and no regrets, will be in a swimsuit tomorrow. Yay! READ COMMENT

Just read your update, I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. You ARE going to feel much better after you've recovered but you need to give your body and mind time to adjust. It is depressing having any changes to your normal state,... READ COMMENT

Good luck today! You're going to look fabulous! READ COMMENT

I hate the smell of coco butter (brings back pregnancy nausea) so I use 100% grapeseed oil. It's virtually scent free, and if you apply it all over after a shower while still damp, it locks moisture in. Just my 2c! READ COMMENT