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Finally Decided!

Well i have 6 children(all girls) and i have gained with each one over 100lbs each time. it took a toll on my body and now it needs to be fixed. I am scared and wondering if its the right thing to do. Can i really be that vain? What if i die! What if im not put all the way under and i can feel... READ MORE

Questions from Sexydork

Regional Vs General with Tummy Tuck - Which is Safer?

General with multiple procedures combined -vs- regional one procedure less blood loss especially as you cauterize as you go with tummy tuck and muscle tighting(regional does go... READ MORE

Not a "Typical" Breast Surgery Request

I know most breast surgery is under general cuz its safer and the pt is comfortable.I also know that there's a limit of how much lidocaine(numbing solution) one person can... READ MORE

Is it Possible to do an Inner Zipper with Tummy Tuck?

Is it possible to do an internal "zipper" stiching with a tummy tuck? so that the pt doesnt have that feeling of the incision ripping open, less burning, pulling,... READ MORE

How Much Time Should I Allow Between BBL and then a TT with Breast Lift/Augmentation?

Hi, I need a full tummy tuck(most probably), breast lift and maybe implants with that lift, also i would like to have a brazilian butt lift. now cant do all these together for... READ MORE

It It Common For A Dr. To Recommend A Different Style Implant For Each Breast?

I had a consult the other day and i went looking to get TT,BL,BA,BBL. Anyways, with the implant stage of the consult i tried on 3 different sizes and styles and i guess they... READ MORE

Why Is This Case an 'Accidental Death' when Using Liposuction?

Intra abdominal hemorrhaging due to perforated aorta; how does this end up happening? i read about this happening to a woman going in for a BBL by a board certififed plastic... READ MORE

It It Normal For Plastic Surgeons To Have Assistants in the OR? What Is Their Role?

Is assistants often used by plastic surgeons in the OR? and if so what are their main duties in the OR? Thanks much for all your answers. READ MORE

How to Pick the Right Plastic Surgeon?

I would like to know what you as Doctors would recommend one of your family members to do when looking for a PS. How many consultations should they go on before choosing? What... READ MORE

Accreditation/Certification on Surgical Facility needed for FL?

Do surgical facilities need to have accreditation/certification in the state of fl to practice surgery? READ MORE

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different impalnts

I've been wondering if anyone has actually gotten 2 different styles of implants put in(not cc obviously ppl have different ccs put in the implant, im talking about the... READ MORE

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Its looking good girl! I think it fits your body very nicely. Keep yo head up READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear that this happened to you. However, you work with a bunch of women so that is to be expected, the boldness, the gossip, the stab ya in the back type of shit. That's why I can no longer work in a hospital setting, I did it... READ COMMENT

Glad to hear your doing well. Happy healing! cant wait to see more progression pics READ COMMENT

It is due to you be swelled , you had surgery there still is inflammation. If it becomes bother some than I would take it out until your not swelled. Sometimes wearing a belly ring while bejng swelled will stretch the piercing hole. If... READ COMMENT

Try eliminating or reducing stress because stress causes sickness due to it weakening your immune system. Make sure your eating foods high in vitamin C like bell peppers, oranges, etc. switch tooth brushes asap, stay away from tea... READ COMMENT