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Sarah's skiun looks good in this after pics because it is soon after the procedure, when there is just enough swelling to stretch the skin and make it look much nicer than it ends up looking. I would have loved to see what Sarah looked... READ COMMENT

*Update* My skin is feeling better, but it still is not the same. I'm not as unhappy about what I did and this particulare laser procedure as I was. But, I still believe it was in no way worth the cost or the long term side... READ COMMENT

Nadiahoney, who are you speaking to in your last comment? READ COMMENT

So you had a few red blotches, scars, and texture issues. Was having such an invasive procedure at such a young age really worth it? I'm sure you were just as beautiful before fraxel. I am just skeptical that fraxel re:pair is... READ COMMENT

This proceedure is a scam! Some people may have positive aesthetic results but I do NOT believe that fraxel restore and especially repair are good for the skin. In my opinion the words restore and repair are completely misleading and... READ COMMENT