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I'm 37 and a mother of four kids that I nursed. I had two of my kids vaginally and two via c-section. I also had my appendix out when I was a child. The c-section incisions are in two different spots. Thus I have three different scars on my abdomen. I am 5'7" and somewhere between 137-140 lbs. I try to run a few times every week and I love yoga. I also have Hashimoto's... READ MORE

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Thanks Lady. I checked on you. Great profile. You sound like you're doing well for so early in the process. That is AWEsoMe! I'm hypothyroid too. I know how frustrating that can be. Maybe I'll come back at a year and post. I recently... READ COMMENT

Thanks Lynda. Those photos are fairly old. But honestly at this point I can't bring myself to take another naked photo--camera shy. :) I peeked at your profile. You look GREAT. Your incisions look so good--clean. I had to look twice to... READ COMMENT

Thank yoouuu! I read your page earlier today before I posted to check in. It had been a long time since I've visited this site and I don't get the updates in email like I used to. I hope you are doing well, too. Time is flying here. I... READ COMMENT

Ok, never mind. I just went back and re-read my page. I did NOT have a drain in at three weeks. It may have just seemed like it. :) This was the week I switched from garment to spanks-type garments. But it does sound like I did have a... READ COMMENT

Thanks ASKA! My PS had me wear paper tape up to the 2 month mark on all incisions. After that I was sick of EVERYTHING that had to do with healing so I took it off and never looked back. I haven't done any scar care since and don't plan... READ COMMENT