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It was really hard to find any pics of small ones because most go over 300cc. I only told my sisters and mom and only one close friend at work. Nobody has said a word--even in my workout class. I have 2 teenage daughters too and they... READ COMMENT

TinyGirl: I too didn't want big boobs, just fill out the loose skin that I had and put them back up where they used to be hopefully! I gave me PS the ok to go up to 300 and ended up with 215 cc. They look completely natural and... READ COMMENT

ASKA379-thank you for your comments on my blog and I hope I have spoken as well for my sister (Mom24). My doctor told me that it seems like very thin women have a tendancy to have extra stretchy skin after pregnancy and it appears that... READ COMMENT

ASKA379 I'm her sister and I'm not sure she gets on here anymore...her revision pulled her 1st scar up a little higher and the loose skin that she had made the vertical go away when all was pulled again. I am not so lucky--like you I... READ COMMENT