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Please Advice Who is in Similar Situation - Europe

I had my 255cc Mentor implants since Nov 2011. I was sOOOOO happy with them, but 7 month after the surgery during sex my husband push on inner side of my right breast and i felt minor pain. The feeling of hardness remained for 4 month and slowly left. After the trauma i noticed the minor drop of the implant. 2 weeks ago the same situation happened, and again i feel hardenss in my right breast... READ MORE

Questions from Iris19

Is It OK That I Can Feel my Silicone Implants Touching my Ribs?

I am 2 month after BA, i have 255cc Mentor implants, anatomical shape. I am satisfied with the result, but one week ago i started to feel in my right breast kind of movement of... READ MORE

Could my Breast Implants Be Broken or Moved During Sex?

Hello, While having sex with my husband he leaned on my breast by his shoulder and it caused unpleasent feeling for me, he changed the position immediately, but weak feeling of... READ MORE

Could Double Bubble Appear As Resulf from Strong Preasure on Breast During Sex? (photo)

I had my implants for 7 month, 255 mentor anatomical,dual plane.I had light assymetry before,it stayed after the surgery but I was very happy with the result, my doctor too.But... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Due to Trauma? (photo)

I'm 9 month post surgery, it went ok, i was happy with result.3 month ago my husband pushed too much on inner side of my breast.My doctor examined me and told that implant had... READ MORE

Why Do I Feel Hardness in my Breast After It Was Pressed on Inner Part? What Should I Do? (photo)

I'm 1 year after BA,7 month after BA during sex my BF pressed inner part of my right breast i felt kind of pain on bottom part of breast. After feeling hardness stayed for 2... READ MORE