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I did received my shipment. I ordered .05% Not sure if maybe I should have gone for 1%. I've been using it for less than a week, but there has been no flaking. A little red with very little tingle when I first apply it. Any idea... READ COMMENT

Well, it sure looks like it works so I wouldn't change a thing. One other question. do you use it on your neck/decouage area or just the face. READ COMMENT

Can you post your nightly routine in order.. example. wash face with___ wait ___ mins apply retin a apply ???? cream apply ??? cream etc... thanks for the info. a girl can use all the help she can get. READ COMMENT

Can you post the link to the pharmacy you use. and the product name and product number. thanks for all the info. READ COMMENT

Can you post the link for the pharmacy and also the product name and/or product number. and thanks for the info. READ COMMENT