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Dental Implants - New Jersey

I had to have dental implants since my 12 year old bridge broke a few years ago, it is a very long and arduous process but I think it was pretty much worth it and I had no other choice if I wanted teeh. My complaints are that the arch on the side with my implants is way too high so when I smile big you can see that, it was not that way with the bridge :-( anyway I had bone grafting done so... READ MORE

Botox Works Pretty Well*

I just had my 3rd treatment in 3 years, 1st time was not that impressed (results were ok 4 crows feet)and that was with a board certifed Plastic Surgeon, second time had it a a Medspa  with a cosmetic surgeon, she did a wonderful job on crows feet and under eye wrinkles, last time about 2 weeks ago had it done by Plastic surgeon again and results are ok but not as good as time # 2....I do... READ MORE

Nice Results, Been Doing Microderm's for 5 Years Now

I had my 1st series of Microdermabrasion about 5 years ago, since then I go 2x a year and I love the way my face feels & looks for a while after the treatments, so smooth and soft. The spa that does my microderms also does plaining (with the razor to help rid dead skin even more)), gylcolic peel and facial all for $140.00 and I just love it, it feels weird but I would not call it pain,... READ MORE

Sculptra Results - Hackensack, NJ

I had Sculptra last year, August 2006 was my 1st treatment and Dec. 2006 was my 3rd and last. Although I did get a lump by the corner of my mouth and a smaller lump under my right eye I was pleased with the initial results that filled out my cheeks, well, now a year later the filler is pretty mcuh gone so bascially I do not think the $3,300 I spent was worth it, I am left with 2 lumps and look... READ MORE

Questions from JoJo

If my Doctor Saves my Leftover Juvederm Vial, Do I Have to Pay for my Next Injection?

I bought a vial of Juverdem in July, I had about a quater of a vial left, went back in August and after the procedure was told it was another $150.00 plus tax (NJ) for the... READ MORE

Straighten, Fix 2 Front Teeth After Implants?

I have implants, it will be 2 years in Sept. My question is since the 2 implants, bridge (left side from 1st tooth all the way back to jaw my 2 front teeth have arched out and... READ MORE

I Have Bone Loss, Front Teeth Shifted After Dental Implants

I just found out I have bone loss, is that why my front teeth shifted after my dental implants?? My smile is different now, not to happy since 2 front teeth are protruding... READ MORE

My Dental Implants Sit Higher Than My Natural Teeth. My Dentist Doesn't Seem Too Worried? (photo)

My dental implants wihcih consists of 4 teeth bridge (2 implants) is ugly as is sits higher than my natural teeth..and YES I had bone grafting, paid extra for that of course.... READ MORE

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So sorry h messed you up and you got so sick, awful to hear, hope u are better now though READ COMMENT look wonderful!! and to be out and about so soon..touche" READ COMMENT

Wonderful results!! READ COMMENT