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Hardness on Inner Thigh 2 Months After Smart Lipo

I am 2 mos post smart lipo inner thigh/anterior and knee. Is hardness and a little swelling as well as lymph nodes normal at this point? READ MORE

Hardness After Smart Lipo, Is this Scar Tissue?

Normally how long it last? Is there a possibility of hardness or scar tissue to stay permanent? if it does what causes this and possible treatment? READ MORE

3 Months After Smartlipo - (Inner Thigh), is It Normall/usual to Still Have Area of Hardness?

3 Months After Smartlipo - (Inner Thigh), is It Normall/usual to Still Have Area of Hardness? READ MORE

is 3 Months Enough Time For a Revision After Smartlipo to Inner Thighs?

I am not happy with the result of my inner thigh smartlipo result, when can i have revision? is 3 months ok or still too early? READ MORE

Residual Hardness 3 Months After Smartlipo, Is This Normal?

Residual hardness 3 months after smartlipo of inner thigh, at this point can this still be considered as a normal healing process? READ MORE

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U just had the procedure less than a week ago. It could take 6 months to a year to see the final result. Stop being so dramatic and wait 6 months before you complain. What you see is all swelling. READ COMMENT

Unbelievable READ COMMENT

Hi Spideraka, I had smart lipo done four months ago and Yes, i have and still is experiencing shedding a t of hair. I noticed 3 months after smartlipo. My doctor mentoned that surgery can contribute hair loss. I am now staring to... READ COMMENT

You are looking great! overall how long it took for the hardness/swelling/pain to dissipate? READ COMMENT

Hi Robinette,Im glad it all worked for you. I had mine done inner/knee/anterior thighs done Nov 9/11, just wondering how long it took the swelling/hardness dissipate? READ COMMENT