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Rhinoplasty in Toronto: Adamson and Solomon

I've decided to undergo rhinoplasty in Toronto with either Dr. Adamson or Dr. Solomon. There is nothing overtly wrong with my nose. I'd like to narrow and smooth out the... READ MORE

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Trust me, I know that all too well! The only thick skin I have is on my nose! You know what my surgeon recommended? Vigorously rubbing my nose with a towel every night to exfoliate. And do you know, it actually helps? That, and monthly... READ COMMENT

Really one of the best results I've seen in a while. I had to comment. You look stunning. Congratulations girl. READ COMMENT

Hey lady! I think you meant that message for the other Angie! READ COMMENT

I'm so glad!! It's important for us to know our surgeons are there for us if we need them. For anything. READ COMMENT

Yes, you should call back. This is your face. It's surgery. That's serious. If you want another appointment, you are entitled to it. Necessary or not, book it. Peace of mind is priceless, and he should understand that and accommodate... READ COMMENT