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Waay to go. You will look amazing when you put make-up on and hair. You are very brave to do all you did at once and to post photos of the process. I am too vain to do that. Kudos to you to fix the things that bother you. Good luck READ COMMENT

When a doctor starts recommending other procedures that you feel are unnecessary, run like hell; don't walk. READ COMMENT

Was this "doctor" even board certified? So sorry for you. I wish you the best and hope you can get another doctor to correct things for you. READ COMMENT

Wow, so sorry for you. The thing you have with your ears is called "pixie ears". This usually happens when the surgeon does not know what he is doing...and having read the rest of your letter; I don't think he did. Incidentally the... READ COMMENT

Sorry, I do not see any difference READ COMMENT