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Double Eyelid Revision, How High can the Crease be Raised?

I had double eyelid surgery 2 months ago.I prefer how it looks when it was slightly swelling as the crease are higher. now that the swelling has gone down, my double eyelid has... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Revision, How High Can the Crease Be Raised? (photos)

I had double eyelid surgery 2 months ago.I prefer how it looks when it was slightly swelling as the crease were higher. now that the swelling has gone down, my double eyelid... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Raised Too High?

I have recently raised my double eyelids.i regretted for doing it because the result is not what i wanted. Much skin and fats has been my fold is super high, the... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes After Eyelid Surgery. Is Fat Grafting an Option?

Im an asian, im 24 years old, did my eyes 8 weeks ago.i noticed that my eyes are a bit sunken when i raise my brow. I have gone through double eyelid surgery twice. Is fat... READ MORE

Lowering Double Eyelid Without Skin Excision

Is lowering an Asian double eyelid possible without excision? pls read this i hv emailed the dr regarding the risk, he said its very safe. but i... READ MORE

Reversing Fats Removal?

I'm 24 years old. 8 weeks ago I had Asian double eyelid revision surgery. my doctor removed quite a lot of fats at the area which is around the end of both eyes. Like a pearl... READ MORE

Lowering Double Eyelid Consequences?

I want to lower my double eyelid. it is currently 4mm high when opened. i read about one of the non excisional method that says .. " After the incision of the new double eyelid... READ MORE

Is Autologous Fat Grafting Safe on Upper Eyelids?

Is there a diff between autologous fat grafting and pearl fat grafting?i read from dr meronk that "fat transfer" and "fat grafting" are different but autologous fat grafting... READ MORE

The Right Method to Lower Double Eyelid?

In Korea, to lower the crease of a double eyelid, many doctor uses the same method which is sliding down retro-orbicularis oculi fat, orbital septum, orbital fats and sutures... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty Causes Crows Feet? (photo)

I had my double eyelid revision 3 months ago, and since then i started to notice crows feet. I've compared my recent picture with a picture i took last year(primary surgery),... READ MORE

Dissection of Internal Scar?

For revisional blepharoplasty to lower down the crease, will dissection of internal scar cause the skin of the lid to be thinner? and cause the fold to be like paper thin? and... READ MORE

Fat Injection into Deep Orbital Fats?

A korean surgeon said that to prevent lumps from fat injection, he injects the fats deep into the orbital septum. his B&A pictures looks good too. but my question is, what... READ MORE

Triple Fold After Two Double Eyelid Surgeries?

I had double eyelid surgery twice and im not satisfied as it is too high. a surgeon said he can do non excisional method,lower it by making another incision below my current... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Leave Lumps Inside the Orbital Septum?

Im having sunken eyes after my 2nd revision and im 24. i want to get fat grafting but is really scared. im afraid that it might be good for few months and change after that.... READ MORE

Autologous Fat Grafting into Orbital Septum?

Is there any reason that most doctors does not perform autologous fat grafting into orbital septum with incisional double eyelid plasty? "Correction of Sunken Upper Eyelids... READ MORE

Autologous Fat Grafting?

Im 24,female,asian and i'm planning to get autologous fat grafting (incision method to orbit septm)cuz my eyes are hollow after the upper eyelid revision surgery. i'm very... READ MORE

Lumps After Fat Grafting?

A dr said "-lower eyelid, The skin there is usually pretty thin, and resorption of the fat is common. Although you might see a good result initially, uneven withering of the... READ MORE

Fat Grafting Survival Rate?

I've been doing my research on at injections. some doctors say approx 50% of fats will survive and stay permanent, some say 2 years and in other hand, people who have gone... READ MORE

Damage to Orbital Fats?

Im 24, my eyes became hollow due to eyelid revision. A friend of mine told me that sometimes it not because of the fat removed that is causing hollowness, but the trauma of the... READ MORE

Injecting Fat into Orbit?

"Injecting fat into the orbit to correct deeper volume deficiency is dangerous and generally futile." - dr.meronk. quite a few of doctors in korea injects the fats deep into... READ MORE

Surgery Causes Trauma to Orbital Fats?

Question 1: Im planning to have 3rd surgery on my upper eyelid (lowering) and fat grafting on for sunken eyes. Will the 3rd surgery or fat injection cause trauma to my orbital... READ MORE

What is the Cause of Triple Fold?

1)what is the common cause of triple fold for those who had eyelid surgery done and those who didnt? 2)-those who did surgery: re-adhesion, fat loss? -without surgery: fat... READ MORE

How Long Does Fat Grafting Last? Many people say fat grafting on the upper eyelid only last for 2-3 years .

Many people say fat grafting on the upper eyelid only last for 2-3 years and many doctors say it is permanent. i understand that if there's no blood supply to fats, it will be... READ MORE

Treat Triple Fold with Spanning Suture?

In a case of triple eyelid, can a spanning suture really compress out the third fold? is this method reliable or widely used? if this method is reliable, then why cant we lower... READ MORE

The Kind of Eyes That Gets Triple Fold Easily? (photo)

An asian with sunken eyes and skin shortage after it definite that one will get triple fold easily? im thinking of lowering my double eyelid by cutting a new... READ MORE

Fat Injection Behind the Eyes and Deep into Orbital Septum Makes a Difference?

Does injecting fats "behind the eyes" and "deep into the orbital septum" makes a difference? i've read on realself that injecting fats behind the eyes is very dangerous, but... READ MORE

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I forgot to say... Thank you =) READ COMMENT

You posted this 2 years ago.. which means your fat grafting only lasted for around 6 months? =)) READ COMMENT

Sorry, i meant the fat grafting on your right upper eyelid. gone too? yeah dont wanna make bad decision again.. thats why im doing my research now =( READ COMMENT

Also, your eyes formed triple lid after some sort of double eyelid surgery or you naturally had triple fold? thanksss =) READ COMMENT

Thank you for the prompt reply. the fats on your right eye are gone now? READ COMMENT