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Ive seen this. No way in hell am I gonna sit there holding a machine up to my face for 20 minutes at a time. At best, for minimal results to boot. I'd rather spend the money on a good quality skin care system (not overpriced over hyped... READ COMMENT

HAHAHAHA!! Propylene Glycol is what anti-freeze is made of! With so much information available with few clicks, why would you say something like that? That's not quite a true statment. Look up the info. Stop scaring people! READ COMMENT

You could probably google cosmetic penetration or try to look up info on skin anatomy. Products can't get past the epidermis. Anything that can get into the Dermis and into the bloodstream has to be Rx. READ COMMENT

Wow, I always thought that unless the product was an Rx that it did not penetrate into the bloodstream (except Salicylic Acid, in minute quantities). the moecular size ofthe ingredients are far too big toget pastthe epidermis. I would... READ COMMENT

I've tried a bunch of Arbonne and I liked it all very much. Too bad its overpriced and the sales reps are relentless at pestering you to start a down line (as in sell it) or join their discount program. I wouldn't buy it again unless... READ COMMENT