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No Scar Answer to my Skin Cancer

During my visit to the dermatologist I pointed out a red spot on my nose that seemed to scab over easily, but never quite heal. The derm told me it was a squamous cell carcinoma, the kind caused by sun damage. While squamous cell cancer won't usually kill you, if left untreated it does spread, and it can create big ugly areas. It could have eaten away my entire nose. I saw some photos of... READ MORE

Of Course It's Worth It!

I had porcelain veneers after my dentist suggested them to me as the most successful kind of teeth whitening. A lifetime of coffee-drinking, red wine drinking, and I suppose childhood smoking had made my teeth yelloe, and that made me look and feel old. I had the 8 front upper teeth veneered in 2000. My business partner also had his veneered. We thought we looked great! You get used to... READ MORE

Eyebrows Are Worth Having - Phoenix, AZ

I went to a cosmetic tattoo artist who has been doing this work for ten years. She was very forthright with me. I had quite a bit of pain when she was scoring the eyebrows for the line, but then when she filled them in I felt nothing because she topically numbed me. I don't numb well, and I don't think I will be able to have my lips done. However, I'd like to have the eyeliner. The... READ MORE

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Good question. Those are the shots from the site, I've written for the product, so I should get more information soon. I know it has been available in Europe for a long time. Apparently, the women in the picture started using the... READ COMMENT

I have just had my eyebrows applied, and was told that any of the skin lighteners would fade them. I suspect time would take care of them. READ COMMENT

Hve you tried Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Enhancer? I am an older woman who doesn't like foundation in her wrinkles either, and I find that Neutrogena works very well for me. Has anyone else had this experience? READ COMMENT

I have found that using any skin lightener will lighten, if not remove, the tattoos. Have you tried that first? READ COMMENT