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Love the Result After Just One Treatment - Los Angeles, CA

Had an Affirm treatment almost two weeks ago. I was surprised how much pain I was in afterwards. The pain lasted for 4 1/2 days - I felt like my face was on fire -- and I swore I would never do it again. But almost two weeks later, I am amazed at the results. The thing that I am most thrilled about, which I didn't actually expect, is that dark circles under my eyes are much improved.... READ MORE

Good Results with Fat Injections

I have gotten fat injections three times over the last 14 years for naso-labial folds. The first time, it didn't last all that long. The second time, the doctor changed his technique and it was only about 8 years later that I decided I needed to do it again. 8 years ago, the doctor put some fat in my upper lip and it has lasted ever since and looks very natural (not a trout pout). The... READ MORE

Questions from Doberman

How Old is Too Old for a Facelift Plastic Surgeon?

I had large scale liposuction and upper eyelid surgery 13 years ago from a board-certified plastic surgeon. I got great results and had no complications. Now, I'm ready for a... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Be Great at Both Face and Body Procedures?

Do plastic surgeons tend to specialize in doing body procedures versus face procedures? Can someone realistically be great at both? I want to have a facelift - neck lift. How... READ MORE

What Exactly is the ABFPRS?

I am wondering what exactly is the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and what the requirements are to be certified by this board? Should it raise... READ MORE

How Varied Are Facility and Anesthesia Fees in Plastic Surgery?

Do facility fees and anesthesia fees vary as much as surgeon fees? I understand that surgeon fees vary widely, based on locality and stature (or perceived stature) of the... READ MORE

Does It Matter if an Accredited Surgery Center is Hospital Adjacent?

In reviewing websites, I see that some surgeons tout that their accredited surgery centers are right across the street from a hospital.I know that plastic surgery is generally... READ MORE

Confused By Turf War Between Plastic Surgeons and Otolaryngologists

As a consumer trying to pick a doctor for my facelift, I am extremely confused by the turf war that I surmise between plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist cosmetic surgeons. I... READ MORE

Fraxel Only on Skin Above the Lip - Lip Line Treatment

I am fair skinned and have fairly good skin tone and texture. However, the texture above my lips is not as good as the rest of my face and I am beginning to develop those... READ MORE

Facelift Results Depends on the Hands, Judgment or Both?

I have learned a lot from reading the answers from the physicians on this site, including "unfortunately, there is no guarantee that excellent training translates to the... READ MORE

Is 60,000 Dollars Too Much for a Facelift?

Today, my dentist recommended a local plastic surgeon who charges $60,000 for a facelift (presumably including ASC fees and anesthesia). He said some of his patients have used... READ MORE

Facelift in Hospital Versus in ASC?

I am considering a consult with an exceptionally well-credentialed surgeon, but was taken aback when I learned that he performs all facelifts in a hospital or, and requires an... READ MORE

How Long to Wait After Botox to Have Brow Lift?

I'm planning on having a facelift/browlift later this year. Given uncertainty as to when I can take time off from work for surgery, yesterday I impetuously opted for the... READ MORE

Eyelid Ptosis Repair and Long-term Contact Lens Usage

I have been told that I have mild ptosis in one eye. I am anxious to get it repaired. However, my optometrist, who is a nationally recognized expert on contact lens wear, is... READ MORE

Recent comments from Doberman

Yes, lingual braces are barbaric. I got them initially because I didn't want to walk around with visible braces in my 40's. When I asked for them to be removed after three days, the ortho said, "are you sure?" and I said absolutely. He... READ COMMENT

I agree that your doctor did a horrible job and that you looked better before. Hope your revision went well. READ COMMENT

Glad to hear your facelift went well. I am also thinking of going out of town for a facelift, so I was curious (1) how long you intend to stay in the area before flying home; and (2)where you are staying. I found an out-of-town... READ COMMENT

I had my lower eyes done many years ago when I was 32 or so and have never regretted it. I remember being back at work the next day and no pain whatsoever. And of course, my bags have been gone foreover, which has kept me looking... READ COMMENT

If Dr. Aston is such a great doctor, how can the appearance of his wife, the famed Muffy Potter Aston, be explained? I have never seen a worse browlift or a more surgical appearance. Also, hate to burst your bubble about MEETH, but... READ COMMENT