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Yes i will post a pic. you can see how my neck is so much lighter than my face. not being able to use the lightening compounds from the dermatologist with my now sensitive skin means brown spot melasma hell! READ COMMENT

Thank you milly B for telling your story. i use SPF helioplex very regularly. I am active outdoors so it is very important. melasma is common with being a middle aged women. hormones! the deep fx did help with skin texture, but ... READ COMMENT

I had deep FX for fine lines and uneven skin tone. helped with the fine lines I guess, but post allergic reaction, my skin is unable to tolerate and skin tone correcting creams because now i am very sensitive. I never had sensitive... READ COMMENT

It was the SkinMedica Restorative Ointment. I guess the office had had many reports of allergic reactions with the inexpensive Aquaphor ointment (inexpensive from local drugstore) post DeepFX s so they switched to the expensive sold... READ COMMENT

I had Deep FX twice. no problems the first time. that is why I went in the for the second time 2 years later. I wanted smoother skin, but the real reason was to get rid of melasma. The doctor told me to use a different post op gel to... READ COMMENT