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Thanks for all your posts! I am right behind you and had a very similar size breast lift on Sept. 24th so I am only 6 days post op! Get my bandages off in a few days. Helpful to see the healing and scars so I know what to expect. ... READ COMMENT

There is a "full lift" and a "mini lift" for those that don't have extreme sagging but need a lift. When you have a consult he will evaluate and determine what is best for you. I only need the mini. Therefore most of the patients I... READ COMMENT

Two Plus, I totally understand how you feel. I think being a healthy skeptic is important. I have found that most of the patients of Dr. H that have posted were really open to talking to me and sending pictures to me privately. I... READ COMMENT

I went for a consult with Dr. Horndeski in mid September while visiting my family in Texas. Since then I have seen before and afters pics on at least 10 more patients. Not only did I do that to erase any doubts about this doctor. I... READ COMMENT

Hi Tara! That is positive to hear! Do you have any photos you can share? I am considering it for my ab area. I had lipotherme almost a year ago and it left me a bit lumpy with loose skin so I am looking to correct my situation. ... READ COMMENT