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Now AA Cup, Will a 325cc Give Me a FULL B?

I'm currently a AA super small and want a Full B cup. Today I went to try out different sizes. I chose the 325...will that give me. Full b cup bra size? My width is 14... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between the "15's" and the "20's" when It Comes to Breast Implants?

Ok so I've been determining which size implants I want...I've narrowed it down to somewhere between the 325 - 350 range. Right now I'm a 34AA...I weight 115 lbs and... READ MORE

Extreme Pain in Right Shoulder/Breast 1 Month Post This Normal?

Got breast aug March 9th, silicone under the muscle. My dr. gave me the go ahead and I went back to yoga after 1 month. I felt a sharp pain and had immediate discomfort in my... READ MORE

Fell on my Wrist and Elbow. Is It Fractured or Just Very Badly Sprained?

I was in a bike accident yesterday and broke my fall on my elbow and wrist. My wrist is extremely sore. My elbow is bruised and bloody. I can move my fingers & rotate my... READ MORE