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Ha ha ha, got to be! How much are SPIRE charging? Where are you? Am in London? All the girls on facebook seem to be going to Westbourne Clinic in Birmingham so I've booked myself in for a consultation for 18th Feb and they can do the... READ COMMENT

Crucified, I shouldn't laugh as want we're all going through is just awful but the part about cutting them out yourself in a dream made me laugh! I too are opting for a removal as like you've said their just a timebomb waiting to happen... READ COMMENT

Good to hear! likewise I didnt feel I could speak to my dad and I went through a funny year at the time. I think my dad will go mental but like you say am getting them removed and not replaced. Will keep you posted on my... READ COMMENT

Hi 'backtonormal, Did you tell anyone including your parents you was having them out? Did you feel stressed about going under the knife again? I'm going for a consultation on Wednesday with view to getting them out over the next... READ COMMENT

I had them fitted in November 2004. Going for consultation on Wednesday with a view to getting them removed only, no more implants for me!!!! Andie, London, UK, aged 30. READ COMMENT