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Self Injecting Juvederm or Hyaluronic Acid (Fillers) - Canada

Ok. We all know already this is not the best idea in the world so please, give up the hate mail and comments we as posters have heard it literally one million times. Thx. Did it for the cost effectiveness and that is x2 .8ml syringes rather than the Cosmo (Cosmetic Doc) which charges $500 for only ONE syringe. That's double and I'm slightly... loving it... so I need the extra one.... READ MORE

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It is an art. I go to the office every once in a while about 5 months and get a fill. I ask how my lips are from previous- (my secret fill they don't know about) which might be a nodule and they say it's normal asked what was used, and... READ COMMENT

All the sites I used to buy from don't ship to Canada anymore! Thanks for the info! Never thought of DVD's. Someone had a great idea to do that. READ COMMENT

Yes, I buy it online. No not trained, and although I may sound a bit contradictive I am not advocating self-injecting either. READ COMMENT

The needles are 27G that come with it. Very tiny. I also use emla cream to freze my lips. Plus Juvederm now had .03% lidocaine in it which is a local anesthetic so it also makes it more bearable. READ COMMENT

Minor Bruising, gone in 1-3 days (small bruises at injection site) Lipstick definitely hides it however. The challenge is getting the juvederm to go in smoothly without lumping in balls in your lip. Also it's important after 'making... READ COMMENT