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Wow, I've Finally Done It - Winnipeg, MB

Well, I have always wanted bigger breasts. I asked for a D cup, am now in 38C sports bra. I got them done on Tuesday January 17th, he used 375. I have sisters who are all big breasted, and always felt I was ripped off as an adult. It is kinda painful, and need to relax. I was really hoping on a bigger cup size. He insists I'll be a D cup. I sure hope the hec so. I didn't want to... READ MORE

Questions from beatch

What is the Best Implant Shape For My Case? A To D Cup Desired.

I am a small saggy A cup, grade 1 or 2. I am going to get implants next week, and I want my breasts to look like a cup from the side. Teardrop textured implants are what he... READ MORE

What Will a 375cc Cohesive Gel Implant Bring my Cup Size To?

I am getting 375 Cohesive gel implants in the dual plane position. I am a 34A cup with grade 1-2. I am wishing for a D cup. Will that be enough to bring me to D cup? It is... READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op and I'm Having Pain in Left Breast, Doctor Said I Didn't Need to See Him Again, What Should I Do?

I got my breast done Jan 17, and am still having bad pain in left breast.It feels almost like it is knocking around in there. The right side is wonderful, and the left side... READ MORE

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No, I'm not on pain meds, but it is the weaker side. When I lye down, it hurts the left breast. I wake up having to ice it. It also hurts in the middle of breast bone. I'm hoping because they say it takes time to heal, but I do not want... READ COMMENT

Well, it's been 11 days. One breast hurts alot, the other one okay. Is that normal? I have to go for a 3 week check up, and am hoping that it will get better. It makes me nervous. READ COMMENT

It has been exactly one week today, and I have to see the doc tomorrow. One breast is fuller and dropped than the other, and it is significant. I will ask him about it, but do they usually look like that? What implant size are you? I'm... READ COMMENT

Has anyone experienced this? I don't think I will be a D cup.If I am wearing a C cup now. when the swelling goes down, how much more will I shrink? It has been almost a week, so I will have to give it more time. READ COMMENT

And thank you for responding. Again, like I said, I was telling everyone I'm getting a D cup, and only end up C. And I borrowed this money to get it, and again, I will try to see if they turn out well, but I don't know, you know? You... READ COMMENT