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Zoom Teeth Whitening, Great Result

Had this done several years ago now, was quite painful (more so than I expected), the procedure creates a sort of popping sensation in the teeth which is really unpleasant. At the time I had a discoluored front tooth and general yellowing and so this was a treatment before trying a veneer. The result was fantastic, I was really happy with it. In addition I was given a fitted tooth tray to use... READ MORE

Questions from Louise NY

Premature Skin Aging at 28

I am a 28 yo female and during my 20s often drank and smoked heavily. I also suffered from acne and have icepick scars on cheeks and chin and also lines caused by BP. I am now... READ MORE

Prematurely Aged at 28- What Treatment Will Be Effective? (photo)

Hi , I am a 28 year old female and due to various factors including stress and smoking, I have aged considerably over the past 2 years. My face, esp. cheeks, appear to be... READ MORE

Sudden and Dramatic Loss of Facial Volume?

Hi, I am a 28 year old female and very alarmed as all of a sudden my face seems to have changed shape- my cheeks have become flat and the tissue of my cheeks feels less firm... READ MORE

What is Best Filler for Loss of Volume in Cheek Area?

I am a 28 year old female and have recently noticed some moderate loss of volume in cheek area, resulting in sagging/ drooping appearance. What are the pros and cons of the... READ MORE

What Risks Are Involved with Ultherapy?

What are the poential risks of ultherapy? What should one consider before having this treatment? READ MORE

Age 28, Skin Laxity, Loss of Firmness Of Soft Tissue; Would I Be a Good Candidate for Ultherapy?

Hi, I am 28 with some skin laxity, and descent/ loss of firmness of underlying soft tissue. The issue seems in part to be caused by volume loss also. I have the beginnings of a... READ MORE

Best Way to Restore Volume to Cheeks? (photo)

Hi, I am a 28 yo female and over the last year have experienced quite dramatic volume loss around the cheek area and fat loss across the whole of my face. I don't have strong... READ MORE

Excess Eyelid Skin. Starting to Look Crepey at 28? (photo)

Hi, I am a 28 year old female and have recently noticed a change in my eyelids- possibly it was there already but I hadn't seen! I have excess eyelid skin and my eyes seem to... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Collagen Loss in Skin?

Hi, I am a 28 year old female and over the last year or so my skin has become thinner and uneven looking. I believe this owes a lot to some heavy smoking! (I gave up 6 months... READ MORE

Rebuild Collagen in Skin?

Is it possible to rebuild damaged or degraded collagen in the facial skin? I am 28 with loss of elasticity and firmness in skin and some lines and sort of a 'hole-y'... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Results. Are These Reasonable Results or Did They Likely Have Another Treatment? (photo)

Is this a reasonable result to expect with CO2 laser is it likely the patient also had another treatment? Are these achievable results in your opinion? Thank you! READ MORE

Fat Transfer For a 28Year Old Female For Volume Loss in Face?

I am a 28 year old female. Over the last year- 2 years I have lost *considerable* amounts of fat from my face, resulting in an unattractive gaunt appearance. It seems that this... READ MORE

Can Laser Resurfacing Cause Fat Loss from Face/skin?

And if so, what are the variable factors that influence whether this happens or increases the risk? I am considering this procedure to treat lines and acne scarring, however... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Facial Fat Transfer Specialist in the UK?

I am aware this is a highly specialised and potentially 'tricky' procedure, how do I find specialists in this area? UK based! Thank you. READ MORE

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I'm 28 and I reckon you could def pass for early 30s! Great info, cheers x READ COMMENT

Hi Prague27! Could you send me the name of your doctor?? :) READ COMMENT

Hi can you give us an update on this? READ COMMENT