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I was born and raised in Italy and i recently moved to the US. So as you can imagine i was blessed with a nice italian big nose :) Overall i like my appereance, i consider myself a pretty girl but i hate my nose; it's source of imbarassment. To give you a quick example: i never comb my hair and i avoid taking picture. So after a lifetime thinking of getting a nose job I finally grabbed... READ MORE

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How to Know the Rhinoplasty Result Will Be 100% What I Am Looking for?

It may sound a little impossible to answer but this is the main concern i have in my mind right now: i had 2 consultations with the 2 best surgeons in San Diego. I think they... READ MORE

Had 3 Consultations for Rhinoplasty and Narrowed my Choice to Two Doctors.Which One Should I Choose?

One,has 7 years of experience and HE IS facial board certified and his portfolio in terms of post-op pictures,customer care,online reviews is flawless (i can onestly tell he... READ MORE

Small Sides Bumps 3 Months After Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhino 3 months ago: removal of dorsal hump and tip work. From the profile my nose looks straight but from the 3/4 view you can see an optical effect like I still... READ MORE

I still have a bump and I am disappointed as I think my surgeon was too conservative. Do I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hello Doctors and thank you for your help. 8 months ago I had an open rhino:my Dr. shaved the bump,refined tip and put alloderm on the dorsum.The options my PS is giving me (at... READ MORE

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Congrats on your pregnancy! :) isn't it that maybe the reason why it swelled back up? Maybe your hormones reacting to the pregnancy? Probably I am wrong but isn't it true that women swell up a little when they are pregnant? Also I can... READ COMMENT

I also want to add that my nose looks different in real life. In pictures you capture just a moment and might seem smaller but the truth is that 3/4 for example you can clearly see the bump and it is very big. READ COMMENT

Hello, I am sorry about what happened to you and that you are not happy. I am in the same boat. I don't think I made a smart choice, or at least I chose the wrong doctor. I feel my doc was too conservative since the change is so small.... READ COMMENT

Thank you Angie. It's better than before for sure, I was looking at old pictures from some scary angles and wow, it was ugly before :) I guess I am a little disappointed I did not achieve what I was hoping for. I would say from 1 to 10... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for your comment but it looks bigger in person I think. When I take pictures you can't really see it...At the beginning I thought my nose was not suitable for the shape and size I wanted...but then I see pics of people... READ COMMENT