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Hi Ladies, am really thrilled you are all having yours explant operations actually happening - exciting isnt it!!! Fab to hear you are doing well and happy too - great news!!! I am 10 days post explant - they are slowly fluffing up,... READ COMMENT

Well...... Just had mine out!!!! They feel weird - very very soft, not felt like that for 20 years. Bit sad and empty looking BUT its very early days - nipples maintained shape, not painful, so glad to have had it done. I am... READ COMMENT

Hi Just Scared, I am also from Essex - same region as 303030PIP. I am getting mine removed on the NHS in Essex (Southend)- due to capsular contracture. But had to keep going back and hounding them until they agreed. Hope that... READ COMMENT

Hi Brownies, I hope its useful. Be prepared to sit with your mouth open, saying OMG, for several hours - loads of explant photos and stories from women, like us, who fell for the dream of the perfect breasts, unsuspecting what was... READ COMMENT

Hi Tulip I agree with Brownies above. Its a shame you have received no joy from your new implants - even though mine have to go now - I have loved their appearance and had nearly 20 good years out of them. From my research, I... READ COMMENT