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Options For A Revision to Correct Assymetric Tip? (photo)

I have had two surgeries already, first was to correct deviated septum and fairly large nasal hump. The second was to further reduce the nasal hump completely and to shave the... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Removal After 3rd Rhinoplasty. How to Tell if it is Swelling or Scar Tissue?

My surgeon removed scar tissue near the tip on the right side of my nose and did a right side osteotomy to push the bone in. After the splint came off, my nose looked... READ MORE

Appearance of Nose Right After Cast Removal Was Excellent (3rd Rhinoplasty); 2 Days Later Swelling?

I had my third rhinoplasty one month ago, the main reason being that from the front view, the nose was asymmetric (I got in car accident after my second surgery). My doctor... READ MORE

I Know Kenalog Speeds Up Recovery, but if It's Not Received, Can It Prevent Full Results?

Had 3rd rhinoplasty a month ago, and it looked fantastic after cast came off. It swelled up severely the second day after cast removal and has been pretty swollen since, though... READ MORE