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He improved my waist in a way diet simply cannot.

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31 Aug 2017, Created 24 days ago

Robert J .Paresi Jr., MD, MPH

5 out of 5 stars

I had NO waistline until Lipo with Dr Paresi now I do. He very artfully sculpted me and shaped me in a way no amount of working out could do. I do work out, and diet, and that helps with this. His office and staff are very professional and welcoming. I highly recommend him. READ MORE

Implants in and Good Service After the Sale. - Chicago, IL

I am a transgendered woman. Having been on hormones for a while I had a A/B cup before implants. They were ok. I didnt look "flat". However I wanted implants for psychological reasons (don't we all?) I wanted to feel more complete and attractive. So I went in to his office and I went LARGE. 600cc moderate (or mod + i don't remember) profile silicon under the muscle. I had one... READ MORE

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Let me put it this way. I was about a B cup before surgery. After getting them in I was a DD or DDD depending on the brand. Now I wear a 34D or 36C depending on the brand and comfort etc. One other thing. I consulted with... READ COMMENT

I will. Possibly autologus fat transfer although there it's a controversial procedure at best. READ COMMENT

Yes. The size and discomfort I experienced with them was part of a number of issues I had at that time. My hormone prescription was probably too high (10 mg of estradiol and a ton of spironolactone anti androgen. I felt sick to my... READ COMMENT

I am acquainted with Nicole. She is from what I know every bit as beautiful inside as outside. Yes some transwomen overdo it with the surgeries. For reasons of wanting the validation of who they are surgery can give. (Which... READ COMMENT