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There is some improvement, but it's there. My skin looks like it has some kind of texture or large pores. It's not smooth as it was before. :( READ COMMENT

Hi Rhonda! I saw your posts earlier this week. It's been some months since you had the procedure, if I'm not mistaken? Do you still have redness? Did you experience red 'stripes' through your skin? :/ READ COMMENT

Hi H77 Doctor said it will heal by itself (everything from hyperpigmentation to the "scratches"). I started to use a gentle glycolic acid soap (Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge) and Biomedic (La Roche-Posay). I find these are more... READ COMMENT

Hi K77 I had the procedure 23 days ago and I have the same marks, like scratches and a lot of 'squares'. :O I was so worried, but it seems it can happen. I'm starting today Glycolic Acid and Retin-A. Can you tell how well this... READ COMMENT