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Honestly u r my fav post op bbl result. Im doing mine this summer. I will show my doctor your pics u got HIPS wOmAn!! READ COMMENT

Wow thanks for the quick reply even with all the post op stress you must be experiencing. I appreciate it READ COMMENT

Realllllll Big Bootiful congrats u look curvalicious. I am depressed. I have been eating to gain weight because my body is smaller in proportion to yours and I feel I will never be able to do this surgery... Im 127 lbs and 5'6 so way... READ COMMENT

Im 5'6 and 125 lbs my doc said i need to gain weight. Than he refused to do the procedure when i had planned it for feb 20 around there because he said when you gain weight within a month the fat cells dont multiply they just expand.... READ COMMENT

Hey girl you r looking super amazing. My doctor I was interested in turne me down for the BBL he said I dont have enough fat and when you try to get fat quick in a month or two for example, your fat cells just enlarge yhey don multiply.... READ COMMENT