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Sweetsneak, are spending alot of money here with lawyers? We are the ones who really loose....i understand that there are great doctors in Mexico with beautiful accommodations for you and your spouse or girlfriend for a couple of $1000... READ COMMENT

You know, this is a BIG United States and not everyone is telling the state that they are in. I believe that would make a difference on the comments,. Also, there are 150,000 operations a yr and there has to be some things that are... READ COMMENT

I sure dont know what he was talking about that it would be only "2 sutures" and you believed him. He obviously did not explain the operation to you. that was sooo wrong on his part. I would be sure you went to the office manager. But... READ COMMENT

I was out of work for a good 2 wks. i dont know where that go back the next day. There was a rumor about that i believe because i asked about it and she said "oh, no, you have to be back the next morning and you will not want to go to... READ COMMENT

Please, when you go have another surgery be sure to tell them that you DO NOT want VICRY on your skin!!!nMonocryl please. It does not spit and makes a very nice scar. You know there will always be a scar. but the suture in what spot... READ COMMENT