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When is It too Early to Seek Consultations on Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am only a few weeks out of a open rhinoplasty. My result is everything I ask my surgeon not to do! At this point I no longer trust him to be objective. Can I start seeking a... READ MORE

Can a Second Revision Rhinoplasty Help This? (photo)

I recently underwent rhinoplasty to correct some cartliage buckling from a scar. The result is everything I did not want.I think my surgeon forgot the conversations we had pre... READ MORE

Is 7 Months Too Early for a Revision For a Case With Multiple Complications?

I am saw a well regarded rhinoplasty Dr. as a second opinion. He basically confirmed all my fears. I am now suffering from alar rim retraction, inverted v deformity,internal... READ MORE

Can Compsite Grafts Used for Alar Retraction Be Removed or Altered?

I have composite grafts for alar retraction. They are extremely thick and to large... I look like I have a retracted columella and bulbous nose now. They are place close to my... READ MORE

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I would like to know anyone's experience who had a revision with rib or ear cartilage.

I am going to need a revision to raise my bridge which was made to low and flat and fix my tip which was made to narrow and oddly shaped...and fix the retracted nostrils...... READ MORE

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I don't think you should have anyone touch your nose!! I really like it. You are very pretty! And if some days you like it you may regret the way it changed your face and miss your old nose. Best of luck to you! READ COMMENT

Hi, I was just wondering if you had you revision yet? If you did how is it going? I really hope your thrilled with your new result and you can begin to feel beautiful again. I know the nightmare of rhinoplasty and wish I could just... READ COMMENT

Wow!!! I thought I was crazy!! But, this is happening to me I noticed it two weeks after a revision rhinoplasty (which came out really bad). Could you please pm me the facial exercises. I am devasted by this surgery. Not only did my... READ COMMENT