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Tried Multiple Fillers, But They Dissolve Extra-Quickly, What Else Can I Try?

Ive been having fillers for the last 4 years. I started off with perlane, I had 1 ml to see hardly any results, so i went back again, better, not my aim though. After only a... READ MORE

I Have Tried Nearly All Lip Fillers, All of Them Break Down Within 3 Months, Past 5 Years Non Have Stuck?

Ive had teosyl kiss which I liked the results cant remember how long that lasted. Ive had juverderm 4 I think It was, restylane, restylane perlane they break down way to quick... READ MORE

I had invisalign full for about a year. My tooth the shorter one was quite far back. Do I need veneers lumineers4 wide?

Im still not happy with one of my teeth but they look slightly crooked I just cant oit ny finger on it. I know my wkile is wonky full stop and gets ne down ive spent all this... READ MORE

Anaesthetic? How do you know your allergic? Had taccycardia, op abandoned, could someone help?

Hi there, I tried to have an op 2010. It was abandened due to being taccycardic, all my ecgs at the hospital including scan of my heart etc were normal? Why would this happen?... READ MORE

Under eye tear trough injections. Filler causing issues, please see below.

I've always had under eye hollows. Never bags. I was injected with tear trough filler restylane at 25 this worked amazing. Filler lasted a good few years and I was injected... READ MORE

Restylane under eyes worked great for hollows. Now the opposite has happened?

I had restylane injected on two occasions under my eyes. Once about 2009, worked excellent for hollows and again 2012. I came home could be damp or pollution and face started... READ MORE

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Ahh thank you:) yes it is scary! I wanted the microdroplet silicone but they don't do it in this country! It less invasive then the cutting lol! Still thinking about it and have found a place in Glasgow. I'm just sick of going... READ COMMENT

They have healed lovely it will probabaly take a while for them to settle still x READ COMMENT

Meant to add I naturally have small lips, my upper lip was just silly so thin! Makes everything look more proportioned when its plump! Im hoping they may give me local anesthetic before needles as I would just freak out x READ COMMENT

Thankyou for this, Im thinking of getting mine done. Ive had every filler under the sun and Im sick of wasting money. It just seems like such a big decision! It looks so painful pretty worried xx READ COMMENT