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49 Yr. Old with Stubborn Back Fat - Oakland, CA

I only did one treatment at a med spa, it consisted of 2 areas, left and right side of mid-back. They used the attachment that would also be used on the upper abs (not the huge ab attachment), so it gives you that "stick of butter" size coverage. The procedure took an hour on each side, so you're stuck face down, bored to death for 2 hours. I tried my best to locate the exact area where my bra... READ MORE

Ultherapy - 48 Yr. Old Not Ready for a Facelift - San Ramon, CA

Was looking for something to lift lower face, sagging jowls but not ready to do anything surgical just yet. I had the lower half of my face and neck done (two areas, price-wise) All of the literature and doctors say it has minimal downtime, slight swelling and occasional bruising. I'm 2 days out and am pretty beaten up, can't go to work. I am returning to doctor today to have them run a laser... READ MORE

Juvederm Works if Injected Correctly - La Jolla, CA

My procedure was done way too superficially and now 2 months later I still have the "tyndall" effect. One eye looks like I got punched. If injected correctly, it would have solved my problem tear trough hollows. I may attempt again with someone else once the "logs" under my eyes dissipate. My sister had the same procedure done and had a wonderful result. READ MORE

Questions from chameleon

Can Fillers Camouflage Tyndall Effect from Juvederm?

Can additional fillers be placed deeper to fill the under eye hollows and help the "black eye" effect after Juvederm? READ MORE

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I wanted to let the community know (real self and trans) that I had a very different experience with Dr. Horton and their staff. As a parent of a trans teen who was looking for a breast reduction or full "top surgery" in the future, we... READ COMMENT

Did you have just one treatment or a series? Can I ask how much you paid, I'm also in the bay area and am comparison shopping. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing all of your info, I had my first C&B treatment 2 days ago and am still in the rough texture phase. Looking forward to beautiful results like yours! READ COMMENT

I'll get the pics and post when I have "after" photos. The massage after the procedure was only mildly painful, for just a few minutes. The process was pretty painless, if it weren't so darn expensive I'd do my entire body! The nurse... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into it! READ COMMENT