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Major set back, HELP Houston, TX

Hello, i'm 33 years old, i have 4 years old triplets (c-section), before that i had 2 surgeries done for ovarian border-line cancer, i feel like i have a freeway going through my stomach, my belly button is off, the left side of my tummy is higher than the right side. I have never been flat nor skinny but was very comfortable with how i looked and with my weight before all the surgeries... READ MORE

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Thank you for both replies! Will do :) READ COMMENT

Thank you Beje, i am trying not to worry too much and i have my moments, i think it's because it started off really well, it was healing very nicely with no issues then this happens....should know more tomorrow, how have you been? READ COMMENT

Yeah i do keep it cover with gauze which i change about 3-4 times a day, the hole i pack with iodofrom packing strips also 3 times a day and before all of that i wipe the whole area with betadine, all as instructed by the PS. I will... READ COMMENT

Looking great! it seems like i am having opposite issues as everyone else, i only experienced pain/discomfort the first 5 days after my surgery and it wasn't major at all, but the swelling is crazy and now the BB issues, bodies are so... READ COMMENT

Thank you, that's the weird thing though, no infection, so not taking antibiotics, i see my PS on Thursday, keeping my fingers crossed, that whole area is looking weird to me, i am not sure if the photo is showing yet since i know it... READ COMMENT