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When Should I Be Able to Close my Eyes Properly Following Eyelid Surgery?

Its been two weeks since I had upper and lower eyelid surgery and am still unable to close my eyes properly especially on my right side. My husband says that it looks funny... READ MORE

Following Upper and Lower Bleph I Am Still Having Problems 15 Months Later with Very Irritated Eyes?

Hi, I had upper and lower bleph in December 2011 and I am still having problems with my eyes, particularly my right eye. Some days are worse than others - they feel gritty,... READ MORE

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What should my aftercare regime be

Hi Its been two weeks since my surgery.  I have just had the tapes taken off and at the moment I am quite horrified with the results.  I don't see the consultant... READ MORE

Drains and work

I am considering going to Poland to have a tummy tuck and breast uplift.  Has anyone else went abroad for surgery - how have you found it?   How long would I need off... READ MORE

How long off work?

I am researching having a tummy tuck and breast uplift.   I reckon work would only let me off for 3 weeks.  I haven't got a strenuous job - I sit at a desk all day.... READ MORE

When does swelling go down?

I am 9 days post op and my stomach is still very swollen and seems to  be full of fluid - is this normal and how long can I expect this to last? Thanks S x READ MORE

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Thanks for that link. I have been to Docs and have a seroma which they are going to arrange to have drained - hopefully that will make me feel a bit more comfortable :) READ COMMENT

I have booked mine now Sarah - that and a TT both at the same time ... eek! But its not until March - I will be able to see your pics before I go :) READ COMMENT

I think your results look great. I have been looking at getting Adam to do my surgery. Which clinic did you go to as I know he works at at least two clinics? :) READ COMMENT

Hi, have you booked it or had it done yet. I have been looking to have Adam do my tummy tuck so would be really interested in how other people found his surgery, going abroad etc. x READ COMMENT

Thanks for that. I have found a surgeon/clinic that I am happy with. Would really like to know how long people had to keep their drains in and how long they needed to take off work. Thanks :) READ COMMENT