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I Cannot Breathe Still, 8 Mos After Surgery. Could It Be More Than Slight Deviated Septum?

After rhinoplasty and not being able to breathe, surgeon said matter of factly, oh! You do not have enough room for the air now, you have a deviated septum and need a... READ MORE

Uneven Nostril Holes Following Rhinoplasty, What Can Be Done?

I had rhinoplasty 9 months ago and I have noticed that the nostril HOLES are uneven with my face! I know they were not this way before. Will a septoplasty help this? I also... READ MORE

Can I Have the Bridge Rasped Without Anesthesia? Would Be 2nd Time.

I just can't ask family members to drive me home yet again! I had the bump on my nose from the broken bone, build up after the initial rhinoplasty. I had to pay to have this... READ MORE

Columnella Was Lined Up with the Middle of my Teeth, and my Teeth Are Crooked?

Shouldn't the surgeon have checked for symmetry first before using the crack between my two front teeth as a guide for the rhinoplasty? I feel like a fool with the nose tilting... READ MORE