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I was on them for four weeks. When I stopped taking, I felt better. I tapered off slowly using Tylenol. Took Tylenol for the next two weeks. Starting driving short distances at four weeks. My gut could feel every bump in the road... READ COMMENT

Took me five weeks to stand up straight. Take the meds so you can sleep. Sleep in a recliner. READ COMMENT

You know how people say it takes six weeks to recover from a hysterectomy? Well, consider the same. I couldn't stand up straight for five weeks. The more stress you put on the incision the wider it will heal. Also, you won't be able... READ COMMENT

Hey Lori Mac, I moved to WLR six months ago! It's a wide binder that I wore home from surgery. I feel good sleeping in it. I can lay on my side with it on. READ COMMENT