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I cant wait to see your updated pics! I really want to compare my swelling to yours and see if its about the same...make me feel better:) READ COMMENT

It went great. I seriously see the most stuff at work and when he pulled my drain, I about went down!! I had no idea it was so long. I thought it was maybe an inch in the incision, but OMG! Stitches went great. My PS is making me... READ COMMENT

Hey Chandleranch! Hope you looking good! i had a question for you. Has your swelling went down alot? I'm 2 wks post op and have swelling around the incision. The bottom half of my stomach if further out than the middle. Its down by... READ COMMENT

Ok...just read your last post and the friend I have who also lives in mt. Pleasant went to Auburn!! Too weird! I hope you are doing good. I am little over a week out and man what a post op week! I was questioning why I did this to... READ COMMENT

Its been great havingn you all to talk to. Thnaks for answering my questions. I go to see dr tomorrow afternoon. Hope to get the drain out! I am so impatient and just ready to get back to normal. Well, UK and /auburn's playing, so... READ COMMENT