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Had High Hopes - Early 50s with Poor Elasticity and SUI

Was hoping to improve SUI a little and gain some vaginal elasticity back. Had 2 children normal route, last in early 40s (should have done CS with last in retrospect). Had 3 treatments a month a part beginning in Jan 2017. It is now May and no improvement on bladder and no noticeable difference in vaginal tightness. Noticed temporary improvement of saggy labia. I think that more... READ MORE

Bruised Badly on Jaw Post Procedure and Now, 3 Months Later, Have Developed a Few Lumps on Jaw Line Where Bad Bruise Was.

My injections were done 3 months ago. Was shocked by the amount of bruising on my jaw, about 3" round. I haven't seen before photos, but neither myself nor my husband feel I look much improved after one treatment on various spots on my face with this stuff. Did post procedure massage, as instructed. Now 3 months later have developed several lumps on both sides of jaw but one side (where bad... READ MORE

No More Hives - New Jersey

Was AA size originally and had 2 pair of small implants (due to frame) first were double lumen saline/silicon in 1988 on top of muscle. Had capsular contracture and replaced 7 years later. Second pair was saline textured under muscle. Lasted 6 years before leaking, but 2 days after getting that pair began getting hives under arms. Continued to get periodic hives (especially when warm) and... READ MORE

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Reconstitution of Sculptra - How Much Time Before Injection Do You Give?

Do you reconstitute your sculptra min. 12 hours as recommended before dilution to avoid lumps. Mine I don't think was, as I was talked into it 15-20 min. before injection... READ MORE

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As I write this on New Years, my under eye area is swollen on both sides. I look like my husband punched me in the face. Happy New Year! I had sculptra injected in cheeks and jaw (1 vial) 3.5 years ago. After initial granulomas in... READ COMMENT

I did not have injection in eye, but rather in jaw and upper cheaks. one vial only. developed granulomas in jaw, then six months later the product migrated into lower eye area from cheek area. ended up with chronic swelling and... READ COMMENT

Removal worth it, sorry. hives not worth it. they will tell you hives aren't from implants.. Well they actually are! READ COMMENT

Well, I have had a few botched cosmetic procedures, in the past, so there must be something seriously wrong with me that I trusted this procedure, thinking it was an innocent filler, without researching the product--especially on this... READ COMMENT

New victim here, has anyone looked into how we can get a class action going? . READ COMMENT