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Can't Stop Smoking Before my Rhinoplasty, is 2-3 Weeks Pre-Op Enough TIme?

My surgery is on february 4th and my doctor told me I should atleast stop smoking a whole month before my surgery and after the surgery. I think I can handle not smoking after... READ MORE

A Couple of Questions About my Nose Tip? 95 Days Since Open Rhino.

It has been exactly 95 days since I had my open rhinoplasty, so far, I like everything about my new nose except the tip. It is really hard, looks big and round, which is why... READ MORE

Can Open Rhinoplasty healing take more than a year?

I have done Open Rhinoplasty in January, 2013. in the first few months my nose was really firm and my tip looked bulbous and big. Now, there are minor improvement, however, my... READ MORE

When Lip Fillers Are Dissolved, What Will My Lips Look Like?

I'm thinking of getting lip fillers since my upper lip is quite thin and my lower lip is kind of uneven. I was wondering, will I be able to make my lower lip even and how will... READ MORE

Just done FUT. How to reduce/stop further hair loss? (Photos)

5 days ago, I did FUT hair transplant in order to cover baldness in the crown area as well as reducing the size of my forehead. However, I'm still concerned about future hair... READ MORE