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I never had that problem. I hope your procedure goes well. READ COMMENT

I get angry at the cost of Restasis, and it's a rip off! Tell the doctor you can't afford it. Thera Tears, and Systane is good. Ask your pharmacist to recommend something! Wishing you all the best. READ COMMENT

For me, it's permanent, you may not have that though. I don't even blink now when I am putting in eye drops. Good luck! READ COMMENT

I have had the surgery done, and the one eye that was messed up has been corrected by another surgeon. Wish I had known about your experience sooner. Thanks! READ COMMENT

It varies for each person. Mine seems to have gotten better though. I like Thera Tears, because it has no preservatives, and you can use often. I am not saying the others aren't good, but I feel better using something without preservatives. READ COMMENT