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New Under Buttock and Neck Tomorrow! - Tucson, AZ

Hi there, I'm Asch. 24, 5' 7", 130lbs. I'm going to be getting my neck lipod as well as my double butt! (The fat right under the buttock, it's like the double chin of a butt) I've been working out and exorcizing but nothing was working so I decided to say screw it and cheat! Bwuahaha. Anywho. I'll also be having breast augmentation done. I'll go ahead and post those photos here as well. I... READ MORE

FINALLY, Getting Some Boobies! And a Better Looking Butt...and Neck...- Tucson, AZ

Hi ya’ll my name is Asch. I’ll be going in on October 4th to get a breast augmentation (b to full d- if you’re going to go bigger, why not BIGGER haha), liposuction of the neck and an area I call the butt doubt chin- I’ve also seen it called a banana roll. Ever since I was little I always wanted to have a nice womanly figure. While I stayed flat chested, my friend reached a C cup in middle ... READ MORE

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Aw, I'm sorry. It is such a weird feeling to have no feeling, haha. I hope your feeling comes back soon! Did your surgeon say anything about if the feeling will at least eventually come back? I'd like to be able to feel mine at some... READ COMMENT

Ooh yeah. Thats sucks. Even my surgeon was saying how breats pretty mucj deflate after breast feeding :( such a bummer... Thank god for implants. Haha READ COMMENT

Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one! It's the only way to get a good idea one what yours will look. I'll def be posting the afters. Hopefully they don't end up lopsided or weird looking, haha. Thanks! Also, I'm getting silicon gel. I... READ COMMENT

Yeah, I've seen girls that are much smaller than me. Everyone is different though. People keep saying my size is great for my body type (5' 7") but ehh.... I've also seen girls my build and they had d cup boobs and look killer. And... READ COMMENT

I'm going with 425, but when I saw him writing it down he put like 425-450 soooo I guess it'll be a surprise, haha. Yeah it's gonna sound weird to say this, but when I see girls with boobs like mine I quickly see what their after looks... READ COMMENT