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5mths on Isotretinoin (accutane) - Minneapolis, MN

I was hesitant to try this because of the side effects I read about. I am in my 5th month and so far so good, minimal side effects, dry skin and lips but nothing that lotion can't help so far. The lips have been the worst, but for the first time in 15 yrs I am completely clear! I do regret not doing this sooner. I know everyone handles medications differently but I would highly recommend this... READ MORE

Questions from dre

Realistic Fraxel Repair Results for Scarring?

I have reasearched for a long time and consulted a dermatologist on the Fraxel Repair. They suggested one treatment at a power of 60 (1,000 microns) He said he would expect... READ MORE

Subsicion and Fat Transfer on Acne Scars, What Results Should I Expect?

What results can I expect from this procedure on acne scars? I am having this done this week. READ MORE

Recommendations For Acne Scars Doctor

I am looking for a skilled Dr. for acne scarring within driving distance. It seems every Dr. I find for treatments will require flying out of state. Any suggestions or Drs out... READ MORE

Is Selphyl Successful at Treating Acne Scars?

Has anyone had any success using selphyl to treat acne scarring? READ MORE

Which is Best for Acne Scarring? Derma K Laser Treatments or Fraxel Repair Treatment with Subcision?

I am trying to decide between a derma k laser treatment and fraxel repair treatment with subcision, any thoughts on what would work best would be greatly appreciated. I have... READ MORE

Acne Scarring-Silicone or Other Treatments? (photo)

Would silicone help with this type of scarring? If not, what would be recommended for the best outcome? Thank you! READ MORE

Accutane and Crohns Safe?

I have Crohns, but am considering taking accutane. Is this safe to take with Crohns? The last thing I want is to make my Crohns worse. READ MORE

Dangers of Topical Anesthetic for Laser Resurfacing?

I have read that there are dangers in using topical numbing cream that can even be life threating if too much is absorbed in the blood stream. Can someone please explain this... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Scarring?

When doctors say there is a risk of scarring with Fractional CO2, what kind of scarring is possible? discoloration scarring or actual pitting? READ MORE

Tca cross - acne scarring?

Is there an average cost for this? I know this is one method I will likely need to have done, but i have no clue how much this runs. Thanks READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Acne Scarring?

Seem like no matter what I do, when I have a break out and it heals, it will turn into a pitted scar. How can I prevent this? I don't touch them, I let them heal on their own.... READ MORE

Silicone Microdroplets and aging - Will the skin eventually look worse?

I am strongly considering silicione microdroplets for acne scars and have had a consult with a Dr. who is very experienced with this. However, I have read that the aging... READ MORE

How safe is a VI Peel since it contains Phenol?

How much Phenol is in a VI Peel? Are there any safety concerns as there are with Phenol peels? I recall hearing that the phenol can potentially cause heart issues, so it's only... READ MORE

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Did the treatment hurt? Did he use any numbing cream? READ COMMENT

Unfortunately, there is not for pitted scars. READ COMMENT

Oops, I meant he started me on 20mg, now I am up to 80 READ COMMENT

No progress photos, sorry. I had mainly cystic acne, very difficult to manage. I tried numerous things before resorting to accutane, mainly because I was nervous about the side effects. I shouldn't have been as the effects have been... READ COMMENT

Did you have Traditional or Fractional CO2? READ COMMENT