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Fat Tranfer Under Eyes, Cheeks over Eyes, Lips, Smile Lines - Miami, FL

The first four days my face was swollen. I looked like a lady frog. I could see where he put it in my lips. He did a very nice job on my lips. Sunday my husband and I went out for a bit and in the mirror in the elevator you could see my cheeks again. I was so excited, I looked younger. I had brusing on my neck I had a buise on one of the spots where he put fat, but that is gone. it is day... READ MORE

Lipo of Flanks, Abdomen, Bra Rolls ,chin and Fat Transfer to Face - Miami, FL

I am 50-years old. My figure is not what it used to be. I decided to get fat taken off my upper and lower abs, flanks, chin with fat transfer to my face in the smile lines, cheeks, above the eyes and lips. First I went in and he wrote on me and reminded me that I would not have a flat stomach because of the fact I had a big fibroid for years, it was the size of an 8-month-old fetus when they... READ MORE

I am a 50-year old female - Breast Reduction - Miami, FL

I am a 50-year old female. I have had big breast all my life. I liked having them, but now they are too big, so they have to go. They have held up pretty well. I lift weights and have been doing pushups against the wall since I was 19 because I was told they would keep my breast from falling, it really works,even though I haven't been doing them regulary for the last couple of years... READ MORE

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I can't upload pictures, my husband will have a fit. My naselabial folds have remained gone. My lips went down a little bit. I purchased City Lips and it plumped them up and made them smooth with no wrinkles. Above my eyes went a... READ COMMENT

I am three months out and some days I am just fine and other days I am swollen. My advice for you also is cut down on your calories. It helps to keep everything nice. READ COMMENT

I had one with a long white pad. I kept that in because that's what they gave me. I keep it for around a week and a half and ti stated to get real loose. Then I switched to the Marena garment. They have a size chart also. Don't put the... READ COMMENT

Marena has ones without clips, that is what I bought. They were about 70 bucks a piece. READ COMMENT

He may not be able to make them smaller because it will compromise your health. I would wait for a while before you judge how they are going to turn out. It's only been two weeks. Mine were still huge after two week. it looked like I... READ COMMENT