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Which Chin Filler Do You Suggest After Implant Removal?

Hi, I am going to have my chin implant removed soon, and my question is: how soon after removal can I use chin filler? I have allready had two implants, and both times i think... READ MORE

Why Not Restylane or Juvederm While Pregnant?

I'm wondering if hyaluronic fillers can harm my unborn child? If so, how? From what I know about Restylane/Juvederm they are very natural and they stay in place in the area... READ MORE

Fat transfer to chin. What that be a good option? (Photo)

I have tried medphore and silicone chin implants, but wasnt happy with the results as it made my jaw look wider, and thats what Im trying to avoid. I got the last one removed,... READ MORE

Compression garment after Brazilian butt lift?

I had the surgery yesterday and they took fat from the flanks and injected it into the butt. I got a compression garment which goes from under my knees to my ribs. The butt is... READ MORE

Feel really bad after fat transfer/lipo from flanks to butt

Its now allmost 3 days since my surgery and i feel terrible. Nausea, dissyness and i cant get anything else than bananas and grapes down without puking. Im also going to the... READ MORE

When safe from infections after Brazilian butt lift?

Im sorry for all my questions this week, but I could really need some expert answers as im worried . So when are you safe from havning an infection? I went on antibiotics for 4... READ MORE

What filler is best to use in chin to avoid necrosis? And how big is the risk to get necrosis?

I've had a chinimplant in the past, and I got it removed 5 years ago. I've used fillers such as Perlane and Voluma in the chin to make my chin look more pointy untill now. But... READ MORE

Easier to remove Restylane than Juvederm?

I had juvederm injected into my chin last week (0,5ml) and have now had two injections of hylase to remove the juvederm, but it won't go away. How come? I'm also wondering... READ MORE

Possible to hit a vein or blood vessel in the chin which leads to the vision? Can I get blind?

If you inject juvederm or restylane in the middle of the chin (the tip), is it possible to hit or block the bloodflow in a vein or blood vessel which leads to the vision? Is it... READ MORE

What layer of the skin/tissue is best to place restylane/juvederm to avoid the filler from moving around?

I wanted to add more volume to my chin so I have been injected with voluma, but I experience that the filler wont stay where it was injected so it has found its way to under my... READ MORE

Possible to remove some of the HA fillers in one area without remove everything?

Since the voluma migrated last time I had injections I want to remove the filler that migrated, but not the filler that is in the correct place. In my case I wanted the filler... READ MORE

A third chin implant and bone erosion.

Ive had two different chin implants in the past, but removed it completely 6 years ago. The incisions was made under my chin. I'm thinking about getting a new one, but a... READ MORE

Will placing a chin implant in a 45 degree angle cause more or less bone erosion?

I want more volume in the 45 degree of my chin. So it looks longer and I want it to be as pointy as possible. No width. Can the implant be placed like that, under the thickest... READ MORE

Why does chin implant cause bone erosion but HA fillers do not?

The filler is placed at the same place and feels just as hard as an implant. How come? And will botox in the muscle over the implant/filler prevent erosion of the bone? And... READ MORE

What chin implant would work for me? (photos)

Dont think my last question got posted so I'm trying again. I am tired of using juvederm (expensive, refill often) and would love to have a permanent solution, which of course... READ MORE

Possible to get bone necrosis from chin implant? Best to place implant over or under periosteum?

Is it possible to get osteonecrosis from a silicone chin implant? How would you notice if so? Is there any symptoms or will the bone crack or dissapear suddenly? How can this... READ MORE

What type of chin implant is used in this case? (link)

Https://www.realself.com/chin-implant/before-and-after-photos#media-photo-383867-36605-234 She has gotten vertical lenght to her chin, but no width. I am very curious what... READ MORE